Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Is Good Shtuff!

SOOOO, since The Grammy's (Fav moment MIA and the Rap Pack) I have not been able to stop listening to Best Record of the Year "RAISING SAND". This amazing collaboration between Robert Plant, Alison Krauss and producer T-Bone Burnett is crazy awesome. Maybe I'm getting a little older and my musical pallette is maturing but this album rattles my insides and the two of them can sing their faces off... it haunts me... in a good way.

Another album I have been listening too for while is Adele's "19". She sings the shit out of every track and she walked away with Best New Artist at the Grammy's. She took Bob Dylan's "Make You Feel My Love" crushed it and made it into a fine wine that I like to get drunk on regularly.

Jayson Awesome got me listening to Elbow's newest album "Seldom Seen Kid" has been in my car for months. I can't take it out of rotation... Coldplay wishes they were this good. They sing about drinking and cyote arm and it all works wonderfully.

Q-Tips "The Renaissance" is dope. It brings me back to my highschool years in an instant but is still fresh and new. Way better than his last solo effort. This album has me smiling like an idiot still stoked about new hip hop.

Check'em out, I know its a mish mash but it's all good. Get it, make love to it and thank me later.

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Blondtron said...

You got the right stuff, baby.

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