Thursday, March 12, 2009


So I just drove down to LA...

Long motherfuckin drive but smooth as a 13 year olds mustache. As I was passing some of my favorite towns on the I-5 like Drain, Curtain and Lebanon, taking in the sights/roadkill I listened to a lot of music... and french lessons.

On the 20 some odd hour drive I became roughly fluent in french thanks to the cd compilation of Michel Thomas. Check this dude out, he is the best and his life should be a movie for christ sake. Crazy!

Bon Iver got me through the snowy mountains, Lady Antebellum got me through the flat bits (short lived)and Jay-Z with Santo Gold gave me a big boner coming into LA. That track is the best thing to come out of the Nortorious movie.

Now I am here in Sliver Lake getting to know the streets, eating and drinking in the sun and trying not to get deported. Viva California!

Here are some people in a bar in Silver Lake I found on the internet... looks like a fun place to be.


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