Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watchmen- watch more? watch less!

As in I wish there was less of it to watch. Seriously Watchmen could have been the best superhero movie ever made IF IT WANS'T THREE FUCKING HOURS LONG! And I DO NOT need to see that blue guy,the world's biggest smurf, get all pouty on planet Mars while owl-man is getting it on with his girlfriend in the giant floating metal fish blimp.
Furthermore I felt the storyline compromised the original prose and there were many glaring omissions.
In conclusion why does Hollywood feel it's necessary to remake The Neverending Story?
It could be the only perfect movie ever made.

Some of the Watchmen trailers have been cut to this epic tune by MUSE. Cherish this song. It's peeing your pantaloons good!

Muse - Take A Bow.mp3

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