Tuesday, April 28, 2009



Most of all, right now, at this very moment I love NUDIE jeans! I wear my NUDIE jeans everyday!

One problem, my NUDIE jeans are raw denim. That means they look great and last a long time BUT when you buy a pair of NUDIES they come with a note that says "Do not wash for 6 months".

Alright... I've heard you're not supposed to wash raw denim and I'm cool with that BUT I wear the jeans all the time! I spill stuff and fall in stuff and fart and stuff. SOOOOOO how do I kill the stink?

Put them in the freezer over night.

It kills the stink bacteria and makes your jeans fresh like a daisy without ruining the wash! So next time you come over to my house and go to pour a vodka from the freezer. Don't ask me about my friggin' freezer jeans, will ya!?!?!

Buy some NUDIES they kick ass.


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