Monday, June 1, 2009

Nathan Fillion on Hotmess Radio!

I got an awesome interview with Nathan Fillion last week when we found out his show Castle was picked up by ABC for another season. Always a gracious host, Nathan had me over to his house to talk about his character Rick Castle, death, murder and always flushing twice.

We also talked about the perks of celebrity which, for Nathan, comes down to being able to spread the word to a wide audience about his charity KIDS NEED TO READ. Check out how you can help get books in schools and libraries across North America for kids!

Nathan starred in the cult film "Slither" and has recently collaborated with it's director James Gunn on another project PG PORN. I've attached this little gem because it make me laugh till bits come out my nose and shows that Nathan has... a little sense of humor.

To listen to the podcast just click on it over there on the right or download it from iTunes. Hotmess has been growing steadily since we first started all this in January 2009, join our twitter and facebook to stay informed on what's HOT in music and MESSY in life...


1 comment:

Blondtron said...

Please tell Nate that next time he's in Vancouver he can stay at my house. I won't mind. Not one little bit.

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