Monday, July 27, 2009

Why our site looks like a piece of shit right now...

Dear Sir or Madame,

You are likely visiting this site because you are one of the GAGILLION Hotmess fans worldwide who have had multiple eargasms while listening to our podcast/ radio show. You probably also love to fuck around at work or school and read our blog. This is great for us and we thank you. If your boss or teacher gives you shit, grab that stapler on your desk and hit them in the knee cap. When they buckle, tear off the arm of your chair and give them a HELLO upper-cut. Finish off with a flurry to the solar plexus. They'll get the message.

You COULD be visiting this site by accident because you thought this was a Sam Sparrow fan page, a Cobra Starship fan page or even a porn site ( if you thought it was porn I'll apologize right now for letting you down), but this is less likely.  

Regardless, you're here and are probably asking yourself, "What the shit-fuck is this bullshit? This page looks more lame than my leper horse with a broken leg." 

First of all, put that horse out of it's misery and secondly the reason this page looks this way right now is because we needed to do some tests while we build our NEW IMPROVED WEBSITE.

It's going to be SICK so please have patience.  We're going to have merchandise and contest sections and a whole whack load of new cool features to help make this a more interactive experience for all!

YOU my friend are a part of an organization of hot messy people. YOU ARE ALL MEMBERS OF WWW.HOTMESS.ORG

Cordially yours,

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