Friday, October 30, 2009

Attack of the Crab- U2 concert review

You like Giant alien crabs attacking stadiums? I think it's kind of cool and so does U2.. the 360 tour hit BC place this past week and it was well, a typical U2 extravaganza.. Let me lay it out for you quick and easy,

Band enters stage, band dances around really badly, mediochre light show, very cool video screens, lots of philanthropy, a message to save the imprissioned leader of Burma, more bad dancing, children walk on the stage in a circle for One Love, 2 encores and the show is done..

58,000 people exiting the stadium and roam the streets of Vancouver.. nothing special, nothing bad, just typical U2.


Oh wait I forgot to mention the laser jacket.. Bono wear a jacket covered in Lazers, now don't get me wrong I am all about copying and making it your own but didn't daft punk already do that a long time ago when lazers were actually cool? I guess most of U2's audience is too old to know what Daft punk is so they can get away with it.


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