Thursday, October 29, 2009

A healthy body isn't scared of GERMS!

GERMS! Whatever happened to the natural process of healing? It seems to me that whatever created women & men; made sure that our bodies could self medicate and combat outside sources! It makes me angry that nowadays when we get sick, we immediately run to our kitchen cabinet and pull out 10 different boxes of laboratory infused chemicals that will temporarily make symptoms go away or we go and get vaccinations, which is ABSURD! Why would you want to inject poisonous disease into your body, isn't that what were trying to avoid to begin with??? Let's get to the real source people! I mean have we really gotten so lazy that we don't and won't try to EAT HEALTHIER, EXERCISE, SLEEP MORE, and STRESS LESS! It's obvious to me that the 21st century has more disease now then ever! Our ancestors must be laughing at us and rolling in there graves. I get sad when I think that our next generation is gonna look like a bunch of pale germ phobic zombies trying to find the next object to "Purell"! GERMS are good for you! Our bodies need constant challenge or they get lazy and that's how we get sick. If our immune system functions properly then so do we, but we gotta give our body what it needs to function! (LONG SIGH) NATURE gave us what we need! I hope you got the point!

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