Monday, January 5, 2009


It's 2009 and we're feelin' fine!

So good in fact that we're willing to give away our shows for free! Just go to the iTunes stores and search for hotmess podcast. Click subscribe and you're on your way to maximum hilarity and kick ass music.

Wow 2009. I remember partying like it was 1999 like it was yesterday. Time seems to be speeding up. This has made me think about the future of our podcast and blog. I have a vision...

One day in the future people will look back at said podcast and listen with wonder. It's like a sexy timecapsule that will be used to study early 21st century man.

In the future robots will do the robot to the music we play.

When they unfreeze Walt Disney he'll likely dedicate a theme park to us.

Aliens will stop killing people by planting eggs in their chests and spitting acid in their faces. Instead, they'll just chill and have a retro-electro dance party(they're dancing together in the picture). They'll draw up a ceasefire with Predator and the universe will know peace.

Future earthlings will erect statues of erect penises in our honour.

Humanity will advance so much because of our podcast that we will acheive the singularity. Suddenly mankind will be able to perceive all time and space at once and the future will be so bright that babies will be born wearing shades.

So check it out y'all and remember this moment in time. We're making history.


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